About Us

Junior’s Pizza was established in 1982 on Long Island, offering classic Italian recipes from the old country.

Starting at age 8 Franke Salese, Jr. learned in his father’s restaurant, in 1968, how to make sauces, meatballs, and delicacies as if they were going to be served on Sunday’s dinner table. 

In 2013 a partnership was formed with Franke, Amir and Sani to keep Franke's famous recipes that keep people coming back week over week. Their caring chefs, and attentive wait staff bring to you the highest quality service and food.

What sets us apart?

Brick oven, cooked right on the stone making for a crispy, perfectly done crust. Homemade, fresh ingredients.

Our Mission

Not all pizzas are created equal. The art of the pizza pie is an Italian tradition.

Our mission to pour our love of the pizza pie into every pie we design. From the basic traditional ingredients to ethnic blends to custom made requests.